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      light steel structure europe villas

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      light steel structure europe villas

      Shanghai Steelfashion is a professional manufacturer and suppliers that is concerned with the design, development and production of light steel structure europe villas

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      This is the description of light steel structure europe villas

      Lightweight steel structure is widely used in the construction.

      For example,Lightweight floor system
      The lightweight floor system consists of a C-shaped light steel joist and a thin sheet laid on the joist. Joists generally span 3.6 meters to 4.8 meters, joist height of 254 mm (maximum joist gap of up to 11 meters), joist spacing of 600 mm. The joist patented product developed by Di Di Chi Company in the United States has large holes in the web, which is very convenient for the crossing and arrangement of the pipeline. Floor there are three practices, namely: high-density wood fiber cement board; full of pressure plate re-cast 20 mm of ceramsite lightweight aggregate concrete; full orientation wood fiber board or high-density laminated plywood. In these light floor can withstand 316 ~ 365 kg per square meter load.

      light steel structure europe villas
      light steel structure europe villas
      light steel structure europe villas

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      We have a wealth of business experience. We provide satisfactory products and services to our customers around the world. Our products include light steel structure europe villas,light steel structure europe villas,modern prefab homes,modular home,modular home manufacturers,prefab modern homes Please contact us.

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