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Since the establishment of the company has consistently adhered to the demand for product research and development of the fundamental, science and technology industry.


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Shanghai Steelfashion Industrial Co.,ltd is an comprehensive joint-stock enterprise,whose subordinate is Shanghai Changjia Caigang Sandwich board Co.,ltd and Shanghai Gongze steel structure Co.,ltd.We major in color steel plate、sandwich panel、rockwool panel、vitreous tiles、prefabricated house、steel structure production、installation and other services. Steelfashion is located in the industrial zone of fengxian district of Shanghai.Afrer years of development,the company now covers and area of more than 32000 m2,with more than 20000 m2 production plant,metal processing capacity of 30000 tons.Now Steelfashion has the most advanced light steel structure & manufacturing production lines,with BPF type polyurethane、rockwool composite panels(ISOPAINEL) 、resudential light steel framing system(BFS),at the same time,the company match with variety of domestic and oversea advanced high-end equipments,integrating strong manufacturing system.Steelfashion’s customer overs mainland,and product exports over 10 countries and areas.Steelfashion is teel agent in China of Dymax、EFD、LORD..etc.We will be enthusiastic attitude and excellent service to be a partner of your acceptance.Steelfashion's development can't leave the support of friends from all wals of life.Standing in the starting of new area,we will adhere to the “INTEGRITY-BASED,QUALITY ASSURANCE,REASONABLE PRICE,MUTUAL WIN-WIN”service concept.Appeciation of the “STEEL FASHION “brand,to create beautiful.Based on domestic to the world,appreciation of the brand,to create beautiful tomorrow diligently endeavoring!

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he vertical wall structure generally takes the inner transverse wall as the bearing wall of the structure, and the wall column is a C-shaped light steel member......

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Light steel frame building applications:Vertical wall structure The vertical wall structure generally takes the inner transverse wall as the bearing wall of the structure, and the wall column is a C-shaped light steel member, the wall thickness of which is determined according to the load to be received, usually 0.84-2 mm, 600 mm. The lower end of the wall column is a bottom slot beam with a U-shaped opening facing upward. The upper end of the wall column is a top slot beam with a U-shaped opening downward, and the joist is fixed on the side edge of the upper slot beam. In order to improve the stability of the wall column, the general wall column height set three light steel pull bar. This wall structure arrangement, can effectively bear and reliable transmission of vertical load, and easy to arrange, but the wall structure can not afford horizontal load.

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