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    1. Project Overview A storage project length 230m, width 100m, cornice 11m high, building area of ??23,000 square meters, the roof slope of 3%, span of 25 meters, the main column spacing of 9 meters, the roof 0.53mm thick galvanized steel + Insulation cotton, the outer wall is 0.43mm thick color pressure plate, is a portal light steel structure, by the steel columns, beams, envelope structure, purlin, support and other components.

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    Talking about the Construction Techniques of Light Steel Structure use of warehouse

    Based on the engineering examples, this article focuses on the construction methods and quality control measures of large-scale portal frame lightweight steel structure warehousing from the major sub-projects of steel structure engineering.

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    Lightweight steel frame construction in Australia

    As early as the 1960s, Australia put forward the concept of "rapid installation of prefabricated houses".

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    Application of Light Steel Structure in Vertical Wall Structure

    he vertical wall structure generally takes the inner transverse wall as the bearing wall of the structure, and the wall column is a C-shaped light steel member......

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    Light steel frame building applications

    Light steel frame building applications:Vertical wall structure The vertical wall structure generally takes the inner transverse wall as the bearing wall of the structure, and the wall column is a C-shaped light steel member, the wall thickness of which is determined according to the load to be received, usually 0.84-2 mm, 600 mm. The lower end of the wall column is a bottom slot beam with a U-shaped opening facing upward. The upper end of the wall column is a top slot beam with a U-shaped opening downward, and the joist is fixed on the side edge of the upper slot beam. In order to improve the stability of the wall column, the general wall column height set three light steel pull bar. This wall structure arrangement, can effectively bear and reliable transmission of vertical load, and easy to arrange, but the wall structure can not afford horizontal load.

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    Market prospects of the light steel structure

    Due to environmental awareness and shortage of timber, many countries such as the United States, Japan, Britain, Australia and others are actively promoting the application and development of low-rise light steel residential buildings.

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    How to extend the service life of steel structure

    With the increasing use of steel structures in buildings, people are not only concerned about the aesthetic appearance of steel structures, but also their practicality and service life, despite the added color to our city.

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    The Effect of New Wenzhou Steel Structure Stairs on the Sustainable Development of Cities and Towns

    "Green" and "low-carbon" have always been the guiding principle for all mankind in the world. However, with the increase in the construction of all mankind, the immense energy consumption of traditional construction and the request for the transition to natural resources, the "green" construction has been further and further away from us. What surprised us is the emergence of many "green" building materials such as the new Wenzhou steel staircase in the past few years, so that construction has changed a lot in terms of energy consumption and natural resources.

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    Container remodeling housing matters needing attention

    Container refers to a certain strength, stiffness and specifications designed for the use of large-scale cargo containers. The use of container transhipment cargo, the consignor's warehouse can be loaded directly to the consignee's warehouse unloading, half-way replacement car, the ship, no need to remove the goods from the box. So the container is a great invention. Let's take a look at the container remodeling housing precautions

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    Activities of the thermal insulation properties of the room depends on the selection of plates

    Nowadays, the activity room in the construction industry has been particularly popular, such housing can provide construction workers with a place to rest, to ensure that workers get a good rest, thereby further improving work efficiency. Since the activity rooms are generally outdoors, the "cold and hot summer" is the best time to test the quality of the activities of the thermal insulation properties depends on the selection of its plates

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    China Housing Network mode integration innovation

    The continuous drive of macroeconomic policies and the effective driving of downstream demand markets have brought the domestic movable house industry to a golden period for the development of the industry with increasing market demand. Many emerging companies have also poured into the domestic movable house market.

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    Insulation Design of Enveloping Structure for Container Type Activity Room

    In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of natural disasters in various parts of the world and the intensified exploitation of mineral resources, the demand for temporary resettlement houses and field office houses for oilfield mines continues to rise.

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    European Fabricated passive home | nyberg villa

    Nyberg villa is located in central Sweden a pine forest lake edge.It was originally as a conceptual project design, after adjusted to adapt to the requirements of customers.Design concept is to make the house like a simulation clock, a circular plane, with a central courtyard can let a person at different times in a day to experience the different areas of the house, it is designed as a "passive house", is by a specific type of design standards to achieve low energy special house.

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    Container house for temporary office

    Container house for temporary office

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    Light Steel Frame(LSF) Materials Ready for Delivery

    New project in Chongming province,materials shipment, will update the construction later

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    Wood structure huts moisture good helper - breathing paper

    Wood structure huts moisture good helper - breathing paper

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    Insulation Design of Enclosure Structure for Container - type Activity Room

    In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of natural disasters around the world and the intensification of the development of mineral resources, the temporary resettlement housing and oilfield mine site office housing demand is growing, durable, easy handling, easy installation of container-type activities room And thus the rapid development. In line with today's building energy-saving, environmental and economic trends, to strengthen the container-type activities of the enclosure structure of the thermal insulation technology research has become the inevitable trend of the development of container-type activities.

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    The Kenya Homes Expo

    The Kenya Homes Expo is organized by the Homes Kenya Magazine, a brand of Homes Kenya Limited, the publisher of Homes Kenya Magazine, a glossy, high quality magazine that focuses on the real estate and interior décor industry in East Africa. Speaking to a niche market that appreciates the finer things in life. The magazine is packed with entertaining editorial features and tips that are designed make your home living better and more satisfying.

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    Evolution of building materials

    The core of a construction project apart from its design is the materials used. Construction has always been highly related to its materials, which have been an essential component since as far back as 400 BC! Buildings and structures including bridges, dams, roads and canals have been built since pre-history. Building materials thus have a long history of around some thousands of years.

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    Alejandro Aravena on Design, Venice and Why He Paused His Career to Open a Bar

    In an exclusive half-hour interview with Alejandro Aravena, Monocle's Josh Fehnert questions the recent Pritzker Prize-laureate on Chilean architecture and urbanism,

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    Why Leaders in Altruistic Architecture Need to Drop the Ego

    This article was originally published on Lance Hosey's Huffington Post blog as "A Darker Shade of Green."

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    Gruen Associates, MLA and Oyler Wu Selected to Design 12-Mile Section of LA River Greenway

    The City of Los Angeles has selected a team led by Gruen Associates to design a 12-mile section of the Los Angeles River Greenway as a part of Frank Gehry’s comprehensive master plan.

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    Exporting glazed tile,roof system,wall panel to Nigeria,Indonesia and Afghan

    In Jan of 2016,Shanghai Steelfashion exported glazed tile,roof system,wall panel..etc building matericals to Nigeria,Indonesia and Afghan.

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    All kinds of container houses are favored by customers both at home and abroad

    With the development of urban leisure, all kinds of organic arises at the historic moment, has been an accompanying container houses, through urban citizens who can't afford to buy a house can buy container building his own house, live the dream.

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    Steelfashion cooperate with HLSD company in recreation vehicle market

    Shanghai steelfashion industrial co.,ltd cooperate with shhlsd(light steel structure/container housing construction company) in developing recreation vehicle market allover the world.Steelfashion will take care of the internatioanl market when shhlsd will

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